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"We’re here to help. I’m Ocean, and I’m in charge of making sure your Bounce experience is the best it can be. Below are the most commons questions for using the Bounce app. If yours isn’t below, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you."



Getting Started

Browse all the Experiences, and choose one to start

Once installed,
open the Bounce App

Download the Bounce App from the App Store or Google Play

Ticket Tidbits

Add a Device

Add additional devices (friends) if you want to be able to engage in the content your own way. This will also add the friends to your Bounce profile for next time.


Enjoy the tour alongside your friends. You need to be traveling together, otherwise you can purchase an additional “Main Tickets”.

One Car

Invite up to six guests to enjoy the experience with you. When you purchase the tour, you'll be able to add friends from your contacts.

    • Check that you are logged in to your Bounce account

      • If you’re not…welp, best log in and see if there’s any change.

      • If you are logged in and there’s still nothing showing, you may have discovered a new bounce location! Click here and we’ll get an experience up and running for you in a jiffy!

      • If you are logged in and are currently in one of the cities listed as available for an experience, Click “Email Support” above and we’ll get this figured out right away.

  • That sounds frustrating, luckily there’s an easy fix. Try swiping up the white bar at the bottom of the screen to reveal the video content. You can swipe it down as well to check in on the map.

  • Brrrr, it’s getting’ cold in here, there must be some Toros in the atmosphere… Couldn’t help myself, BIG Bring it on fan! Ok…

    • Perhaps you paused the content by accident? Tap the screen and wait a sec to see if it plays.

      • You can also tap the screen to see the play bar at the bottom, that’ll show you the play/pause state too. 

      • You may have to be patient, sometimes cell phone/wifi connections can take a second to defrost.

      • You can always refresh the app or close/restart it. Don’t worry, If you have purchased an experience, it will pick up where you left off. Just locate your experience and you’ll see the little start button now says “resume”, Yay!

  • I bet! Yeah, this happened to me too, so I popped in some headphones and bingo! We got to have fun together and at the same time I had my own unique experience. It was super helpful when solving mysteries too!!

  • Yep, that one gets me too. I am so eager to get bouncing that I sometimes forget that the lead bouncer (Person who set-up the experience and added you) has to hit start first. Once they do, you’re good to go.

  • I totally get it and I am so happy that you are bouncing with friends. Right now, you can only add your friends/additional devices at checkout, but we are working on an update for this.

  • Yikes, that sounds frustrating. Ok, try this go into your phones settings and turn off the sleep function. Yay!

  • Ok, so if you’ve completed the current location and the navigation hasn’t moved on, simply tap the “Skip” button on the navigation screen. That’s what I usually do.

  • It can get super confusing, so I had the Bouncettes start off the navigation muted. You can just tap the unmute button on the navigation screen and bingo.

  • Ok, this one is intentional and specifically designed to help you avoid skipping important information or content.

    Simply put, the skip button will only work if the current location content has been fully completed and the  “Swipe up for content” banner at the bottom of the screen, has disappeared. 

    So you have to finish the current locations activities before skipping.

  • We have received a couple of inquiries about luggage storage recently. Unfortunately we are unable to help as this is another company which has no relation to us. If you are in need of support, you can try their website.

  • If you purchased a ticket for one of our experiences through a 3rd party (Get Your Guide, Viator etc…) you should have been sent an email with your unique code and a link for next steps. If you did not receive these, please contact us directly on +1 (323) 484 32 zero three.

  • Yep, I'd be happy to. Just click here and let us know where you  would like us to add a Bounce Experience.


  • Simply put, it’s a car-load (or group) of people using one device. As the main ticket holder, you control the experience. Think of it as a roadtrip with friends, but you are in charge of the music (but are open to suggestions!) 

  • Simple, just add them at checkout.  They’ll be able to enjoy the experience alongside the group on their own device, and make their own decisions (super helpful when exploring different options).

  • You’ll get an email code from the place of purchase. Just open the Bounce app, add the experience, then the code at checkout. (This only applies if you purchased your ticket from a third party – like Viator or  Get Your Guide)

Ticket FAQs

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